Thursday, June 17, 2010

No iPhone 4 Me

So, Apples and AT&T's servers went to total shit as soon as iPhone 4 pre-orders went up. No surprise there. I just kept trying to put in my info, always ending in an error message. No biggie. I'll wait for it to tide over a bit.

Later on in the afternoon, still wouldn't work. Ok umm, I'm getting a little anxious here.

Even later on, iPhone 4 pre-orders are over and done with... n-no more iPhones?

This can't be happening! But it totally is happening! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

I'm not the only one. People all over the country have been getting screwed. Even people that went into stores had to wait for everything to processed by pen and paper. What is this shit? However, 600,000 lucky assholes are gonna get their grubby little fingers on what is rightfully mine! First, I was out of the friggin state for iPad and now they drop this bullshit one me?! I'm pissed, guys.

Then I saw a video of a guy with no arms or legs and he was happy. I have all my limbs. I should be happy too. Right? Right?

Also, I'm leaving for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in about half an hour. Yipee! Life is good but it also sucks on a very small level.

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