Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3: Day 2- Move Along, Microsoft

Sony's conference had some huge ups and downs. Seriously, it started off kinda slow, picked up and then just dragged itself to boring crap and then holy god nobody can stop them this is incredible!
I'm pretty sure everyone shit when they saw this.
PORTAL 2 FOR PS3! Not only has Gabe Newell trash-talked the PS3 so hard in the past to make this moment so savory for all the PS fanboys but he also said that it will be the best way to play Portal 2 on any console! That is some serious shit. The PS3 is also getting integrated Steam community features. The first for any console.

We also got to see the second half of the Dead Space 2 demoing. It was more focused on large-scale cinematic fights. Pretty sweet. Can't wait to see more from this game.

For a moment I thought they weren't gonna show it but right towards they end we got a new trailer for Infamous 2. Cole is looking pretty snazzy with his new haircut. Apparently, he has some new powers now. Glass? Ice? Only time will tell. From the looks of it there are going to be some huge battles this time around.

There was a new Twisted Metal demoed. Looks crazy.

Sony announced what some saw for a long time coming. There is a new premium online service on the way. It will feature early demoes and game trails. Exclusive themes, videos and more. It lands at $50 a year or $18 for 3 months. I know I'm gonna get it.
Sony definitely played the 3D card very strongly. Makes me want to get a huge 3D tv for my room now. I personally love 3D so this is great for me, but I know a lot of people hate it. All this push forward for 3D technologies must really getting some nerves.

We saw some new stuff for Move. There was this cool game called Sorcery where you take control of a young wizad and cast spells as you run around dungeons. The tracking was really impressive. Both the Move and Kinect are impressive forms of technology. And Dead Space: Extraction is confirmed to come with the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition packaging. It will work with Move and is exclusive to PS3. So no Kinect support. Buttons are probably the reason.

And then there was the PlayStation Move. Now let me tell you why the Move is better than Kinect. Microsoft is apparently riding their entire industry on this one device and is just gonna blow off what the majority of their base cares about. They have spent years building themselves up to be the ultimate platform for hardcore fans of shooter games and detailing all their online service to just give it up and make the sudden transition to wanting to be the new Nintendo. The new family console. At this point, that's probably not gonna go down. Sony made the Move with the idea of integrating it into their already existing devices and games. They have crafted original ideas, games and concepts made for the Move and have played them out favorably as well as bringing functionality back to some already released software. This increases the possible success rate for Move because there is an audience that will find practicality in it. Microsofts audience will either not be interested in something that strays away from games heavy in online competition or will already own Wiis. Microsoft just did not change anything enough for people to leave their Wii's to buy something that costs almost as much as the system and they might not even own a 360. They blatantly ripped off all the gimmicks they possibly could. And it's not like the Kintec doesn't have possibility! It has amazing tracking and voice recognition. I'm not saying the Move is an original concept either. It obviously isn't. One look at it and a Wii remote comes to mind. But they are trying to make it their own and prepare it for a new pillar of gaming in the companies future.

We did also get some mention of KH: Birth by Sleep, Patapon 3 (still gotta play 2) and a new God of War: Ghost of Sparta trailer. There's some cool stuff coming out for PSP.

We had a nice surprise appearance by Kevin Butler who made an epic speech. He spoke of how in the end it doesn't matter what you play. We all serve one god: Gaming.

Good show. Despite the slow parts with all of Sonys montages, we had some big shockers and fun reveals. Sony definitely lands 2nd in my E3 contest for now.

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