Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night

The Academy Awards are on tonight! So many celebrities converged in one place pumps me up for a future in the film industry.

This year I have seen 7 of the 10 films that are nominated for the Best Picture category. I really wish I had seen em all but hey 7 out of 10 is a personal best! I missed out on 127 Hours, The Kids Are All Right and Winter's Bone. I actually just saw The King's Speech last night. I made a promise to myself that I would see it before the show tonight and when I make a promise (to myself) I keep it damn it!

So here are my predictions for tonight's winner:

Actor in a Leading Role- Colin Firth for The King's Speech
Actor in a Supporting Role- Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech
Actress in a Leading Role- Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Actress in a Supporting Role- Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit
Animated Feature Film- Toy Story 3
Art Direction- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Cinematography- Inception
Costume Design- True Grit 
Directing- The Social Network
Documentary (Feature)- Exit Through the Gift Shop
Documentary (Short Subject)- Killing in the Name
Film Editing- Black Swan
Foreign Language Film- Biutiful
Makeup- The Wolfman
Music (Original Score)- The Social Network
Music (Original Song)- Coming Home (from Country Strong)
Best Picture- The King's Speech
Short Film (Animated)- Day & Night
Short Film (Live Action)- God of Love
Sound Editing- Tron: Legacy
Sound Mixing- Inception 
Visual Effects- Inception
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)- The Social Network
Writing (Original Screenplay)- The King's Speech

Man, this is a tough one. So many great films and actors! I hope everybody just starts to hold hands and give an award to everyone in America! Take my predictions on these lightly because I'm pretty much torn on every field.  Now, I know I haven't seen everything that is up for nominations tonight so my opinions may not be 100% accurate and not entirely fair but I've seen a hell of a lot! And it's just fun to guess. So let's see how savvy I am in award predictions.

Congratulations to all the people that worked on these films and thank you for being so incredible!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Things have gotten better since my last post. The initial shock and sadness has worn down a lot and we have now taken extra security measures to protect our house. I have now replaced my computer so I can get back to my routine activities.

Things have been pretty crazy this past week but I'm gonna get back to posting soon. I've been watching a lot of anime lately.

So if you remember, I recently mentioned a short story that I had to write for my AP English class. Well, here it is. It's called "The Negotiation" and I'm quite proud with how it turned out. Except for the ending. We were supposed to write like 2-3 pages and I was going on 6 so I had to cut it short and I couldn't flesh it out as much as I wanted to. So it may seem a bit more pretentious than how I would've liked. I hope you enjoy it!

Update: I just remembered that there was a consistency error with the 2 times mentioned in the story. The first time is correct. It was late and I didn't notice the mistake. 

Friday, February 11, 2011


My house was robbed today.

They completely raided the place. I have no idea how to go about this. We're going to try and recooperate our stuff over the coming weeks.

This is completely fucking devastating. I'm not bothered so much by the fact that our things were taken, which I am still hurt by since I had sentimetnal value in them but they are still just things, but the idea that we could invest so much time and money into acquring these things and someone could just come into the place you feel the safest, your own freaking house, and take it all away from you.

My room and my mom's room was juct completely turned over. To know that someone was in there just pulling shit out of the wall and without regard just tearing through every piece of furniture. It hurts. Every moment since I got home to find it all gone hurts. There is nothing that can be done. This shit happens but you never think it will happen to you.

This is the second time my house is robbed. Last time I was like 12 and I wasn't told about the robbery until like years after. This time they took thousands of dollars in jewelry from my mom and it was just disgusting to see the state that they left her room in. They took my mom and sister's laptops. They took mine and my stepdad's iPads. They took my desktop computer and my game consoles. They took the spare key's to my stepdad's car. They even took the DVR for the cameras. These people knew what they were doing.

When I first got home I was mostly in shock so I didn't really do anything but then I noticed that they took one of my pillow cases to throw stuff into and carry it out and that fucking hit me hard.

Fortunately, due to circumstances with my sister's laptop harddrive she bought an external drive which I then used to back up my harddrive a few weeks ago. Something I never do. So now whenever I get a computer I have all my data.

Things will be back to normal eventually. That much I know but it doesn't change the fact that they took more than just things. They took our things. And no matter what people say, that hurts.

But I'm physically okay. My family is ok and my dogs weren't hurt. So that's good. I'll be fine.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think it is worth noting that two days ago the earth celebrated the birth of two it's finest historical characters: Charles Dickens and Ashton Kutcher.

Let us take a look at some of their accomplishments and see how they stack up.

Charles Dickens
  • He wrote a bunch of great shit. Like Great Expectations. That was good, right?
  • His stuff is like 180 years old and people are still loving that stuff. So he's immortal. That's awesome.
Ashton Kutcher
  • He had that one show on MTV. Lot's of famous people were on it. But I don't think anybody liked him.
  • He married Demi Moore. This is more of a personal achievement but it's worth something I guess.
  • He was nominated for 3 Kid's Choice Awards and won once! Wow! Never saw Dickens get any awards.

Seems like Ashton Kutcher takes the cake here. Look at that. He had 3 whole bullet points. That is worth some commending. Congratulations, Mr. Kutcher on a successful career!

But it wasn't only their births the world was rejoicing that day. Yes, that's right. It was my birthday too. 17 years of hard labor and determination has resulted in the young man that sits opposites of these words as they are being typed this very moment. This age has brought with it many luxuries that society once made sure to keep away from me until the day that I was ready to earn them. I can now attend my local theatre and watch films that are explicit in nature without having to work the system or have my mom present. The same goes for video games. I will also be receiving my license in a matter of days by which I will attend such films and acquire said games. It is all quite splendid.

I'm quite proud. Now, in honor of myself let us take a quick look at some of my greatest accomplishments.