Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mario G's Precious Little Blog Post

Have you ever heard of Scott Pilgrim? Because it's freaking awesome. I've been meaning to write about this for the longest time now but I just didn't do it. Not even when the opportunity was there to talk about a new trailer. Which there have been 3 of! Oh well, I'm writing about it now.

Scott Pilgrim is a series of graphic novels about this guy Scott Pilgrim. He's 23 and in a band. Then he meets this chick Ramona and he has to defeat her seven evil exes. I know, you're already captivated. So then he fights them and there's character development and drama and it's filled to the brim with geeky humor. It's sweet as hell. I first heard of it when I told a friend of mine that I was trying to get into reading comics. So he recommended Scott Pilgrim and Y: The Last Man, I think. With Christmas right around the corner I gave my mom the book names and told her to buy off Amazon because it was so much cheaper. Incidentally, she buys off Amazon every year. Who knew?

I was about to read the books knowing very little of what it was like. I didn't ask anybody for any impressions and there still hadn't been any film trailers. I was going in with the mindset that there was a probability of me not liking it. Then I actually read the books. Holy crap. I fell in love instantly and read all 5 books back-to-back. They lasted me about 4 days because I was trying to savor them as I knew I'd be sad when I was finished. I was right. I finished them and a new chapter in my life had begun. As soon as I got out of winter break I told all of my friends about these incredibly funny and stylish romance/action books. Most of them would come to love it too.

Then the first film trailer was released. What a day that was. Like the books, the film is overflowing with wit and personality. It is a perfect comic-book to film transition. Maintaining the exaggerated fighting and even the flashes of text appearing mid-air for every woosh, bonk, and boom! A few weeks after that the title, cover and street date for the 6th and final book were revealed. Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour being released July 20th was my new reason to live. With the film coming out August 13th, this was quickly becoming my summer of Pilgrim.

Hey, there's even a videogame coming out! I'm looking forward to filling in Scott's shoes and bashing in Gideon's face with 3 of my SP fan friends! The trifecta of geekiness is complete and this series has every part of it nailed down to perfection.

Scott Pilgrim is my hero and it will stay that way for the rest of my life. Or at least until something better comes along.

Authors Note: I don't understand video embeds I'm sorry!

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  2. This is probably what my next boyfriend will go through.