Monday, October 26, 2009

So I saw this movie...

...and I friggin loved it! It's an independent film that unfortunately did not have the funding to get released on the big screen. It's called The Assassination of A High School President, it's basically a comedy/ film noir set in high school, and to me this sounds like a cheesy film set for failure, but holy shit did this film exceed my expectations.

Before you take my opinion on this film to heart maybe I should warn you that I have a thing for independent films and for movies where the underdog becomes a hero. This film has both. So my opinion might be a bit biased. Anyways, plot synopsis: You've got this sophomore named Bobby Funke, and he writes for the paper. Then, one day, the SAT tests get stolen and Bobby takes it upon himself to bring justice to his school. So then, he gets into this whole mess of trouble and stumbles upon a conspiracy that would normally be way over a high-school sophomores head. But that's just one of the finer things of this film. All the characters and locations are within the parameters of a high-school lifestyle but everything has the effect of a small community, similar to that of the crime-life in "da streetz".

So there is wit coming out of every orifice in this movie. I found it to be a mature and cleverly-written film that deserved more attention than it received. And while the story is complex and crazy, the characters are still easily related to, giving this film a touch of teenage personality.

Watch. This. Movie.

Humble Beginnings

Well, as of this very moment, there is absolutely no-one reading this blog. I'm gonna start posting shameless plugs over every form of internet communication I've aver associated myself with. Hopefully, things will spread. My name is Mario Guzman, and I do almost nothing with my life.

Also, I like using commas.