Monday, June 14, 2010

E3: Day 1- Guns and Monsters in Steroscopic 3D!

I found EA's conference more successful than Microsoft's in the sense that they showed off games that people care about for most of the show. They showed off 10 games from 10 different developers that are some of EA's biggest money-makers.

I started off with some trailers and a demo of the new Need for Speed game and eventually they drifted onto an unnecessarily long sports segment before things picked up again. There was also this one bit for the Sims 3 heading to consoles and they serious derailed to some deep philosophy and neuroscience. It was interesting but it was way too melodramatic for E3.

Then we some new gameplay footage from Dead Space 2. The area that was demoed was really heavy on action and less atmospheric, really just an opportunity to show off some new weapons and enemies. Isaac was just chilling in a church of Unitology-- the cult-like religion from the first game-- when a giant quick-time tentacle mosnter had to come in and ruin everything. When he finished it off with some pro hits, little Smeagol-like creatures started crawling in. I didn't think much of it at the time but I'm now realizing Isaac wasn't just shooting tiny monsters, they were children that were killed and taken over by the parasite. That's pretty awesome. So yeah, he puched off their heads. He also had this new long range weapon that nailed enemies to a wall with one shot, similar to the weapons in Half-Life 2 and Bio-Shock. Then there was some scenery moments showing off the city the game takes place in but then some ship attacks, Isaac falls opens an escape hatch and falls through having escaped near-death to be attacked by a giant necromoroph. Right now it's just more of the same but hopefully they show off some new stuff during the second half at the Sony conference tomorrow. I really want to see those rocket shoes in action.

The other noteworthy games were also packed with testosterone. There was Bulletstorm from Epic Games and it has this really bad-ass, kill everything "who gives a shit" personality to it. Not to mention the gameplay is freaking awesome. You get rewarded in the game for comign up with creative ways to complete rip the baddies a new one. You rack up points from kills and you put those points towards more kick-ass weaponry to get more points for shredding everything in your sight. It's like if Borderlands and MadWorld had a baby.

Crysis 2 was showcased. I don't know much about the first one but that it's supposed to have like the beast graffix evar! In which case this game holds true. The game looks great and while from the demo it seemed a little generic, it could be a lot of fun since it's supposed to be able to play out in hundreds of different way. I won't trust anything till I try for myself. It wouldn't be the first time devlopers promise it won't ever be the same game twice. It's gonna be the first game this holiday to be playable in stereoscopic 3D. It kinda gives me an idea at what I want for Christmas... I mean a 3D tv if you didn't get the hint. (Mom, if you read this blog I would have this space telling which TV to get.)

The show was finished off with a cinematic for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Which I didn't get because they said "Everything you see here will be available for you in game." So I thought it was gonna be game-play, but it was this epic battle with quick-cuts and swordplay. I'm telling you now, you sure as shit can't do anything in the game that was shown in that trailer. (Watch, I'm gonna be wrong.) Anyways, I'm not really big on Star Wars -I'm really more of a Trekkie, myself- but that left me pretty impressed. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for some actual footage from the game.

Alright, so Ubisoft is all that's left for the day. I'm not really getting my hopes up for anything cool here. They're probably gonna talk about Assassins Creed sequels and more sports/fitness games. [sarcasm]Everyone's gotta cash in on that money train.[/sarcasm]

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