Monday, June 14, 2010

E3: Day 1- And the Day Ends On A High Note

So, Ubisoft totally surprised me by having the most entertaining conference today. It started off on a dark stage, with an anonymous figure raising his hands in the air. The screen above lights up to display what can only be described as a gorgeous medley of lights and sounds. He is apparently using his hands to guide his way through this world of pixelated beauty. This goes on for a few minutes. The lights turn on and the man is revealed to be the creator of Rez who is now releasing Child of Eden for Kinect. See! This is the kind of stuff I wish Microsoft would focus on. At least maybe 3rd party developers will take care of it so it won't be such a bad thing after all. What's this... Child of Eden is also coming out for PlayStation Move. Oh well, sorry Microsoft.

Seriously though, great opening Ubisoft. I wonder what you have planned next. Surely not laser guns that in no way have anything to do with videogames. Ahaha... what? WAIT, NO! I WAS JUST KIDDING! IT WAS A JOOOOOOKE!

At least it can't get any wor- ohmygod... A VITALITY SENSOR?! BREATHING EXCERCISE VIDEOGAME?! COME ON! These aren't games! Why? What the fuck! You are taking a shit on what is already one of the most ridiculous points in gaming history! Ok... gotta calm down here. I can't believe they pulled this shit.

Besides that totally ridiculous display of um... I don't even know, the Ubisoft conference had some pretty solid stuff for the most part. They showed off the new Assassins Creed game. *gasp* Nobody saw that coming. I will never understand why people love AC so much and yet I am bound to hate it. Isn't it supposed to be a stealth game? Where's the stealth, bro? I'm always tempted to play when I see it in the hands of a developer. They know the game so well and they make it looks so right. Put that controller in my hands and gold immediately turns to crap. Maybe it's my fault. Even if it is, shouldn't be that way.

There's a new Driver game. The cinematic was cool but the game was just alright. There's this weird coma thing where apparently non of it's real or something- Idunno. A lot of things get lost through the language barriers. The Ubisoft conference is probably the most French moment of the rest of my year.

There was more fitness. It was literally the same fitness display from the MS conference.

One thing I was pleasantly surprised about was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I have heard of the series before, but I don't really know anything about it. It first struck me like some generic super-soldiers going apeshit a broken world with a bleak future. And it is. But it's totally awesome! The stealth mechanic is what really got me. I hope it's varied enough throughout the game. Gotta keep my eye on that one.

In Rayman news!: There's a new 2D Rayman game in the works. It's coming straight to XBLA and PSN and it looks like a lot of fun. I'm personally not a huge Rayman fan but I know that the 2D ones are the best and this is a pretty big deal. Right? There's also another Rabbids game. At this point, the Rabbids are only there for marketing purposes on commercials and the such. The quality of the games or the games themselves don't even matter that much anymore. Hopefully it's good, though.

There was also a new Shaun White skateboarding game. I was totally like meh but then I saw gameplay and I was like "Is he fucking flying a rail in the skies?!" Yeah, the game is basically bringing down the man and bringing the color and style back to the world. Because that what's skateboarding is about. They're all artists and deserve to be commended.

This game called Dust was teased. Looks interesting. I'm getting sort of a Sim's type of vibe from it. Dunno. You couldn't tell much from the trailer.

Then there was community shit with Trackmania where people are given tools to makes games- I've heard this shit a million times before i.e. LBP and Microsoft had it last year but I think it was scrapped. That's probably what eventually became Kinect.

Then people danced to Michael Jackon's Beat It. They didn't specify it at all but there is a game attached to it. I don't get it either.

All in all, it was fun. And it was all hosted by Joel McHale. Which I have to say I found funny throughout but he was reaching for it sometimes. Ah well, I love Community and the Soup so he gets a pass with me.

So this was our first night of E3. I hope people are reading this...

P.S. Nintendo is totes going to kill Ubisoft over that vitality sensor.

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