Sunday, January 24, 2010

It works just like Magic!

When Apple announced their new wireless, multi-touch mouse, I have to say that I wasn't all too taken with it. Not because it isn't cool but because I already had a mouse that suited my needs perfectly. It scrolled. So I wasn't about to go running to my nearest Apple store to shell out 70 bucks. But then the scroll-ball on my Mighty Mouse got clogged for about the fifth time. No problem I thought to myself. So I went about the usual procedures in cleaning my scroll-ball. Tedious, but better than spending money. So when I was done I put away all my cleaning materials and returned to a seated position. But the thing still wouldn't scroll downwards. So I got up and tried again and again and again. It was hopeless. I needed a new mouse. So I began to contemplate on getting a Magic Mouse using the money I would receive for my birthday. It would take some patience but the pay-off would be so worth it. So I began to wait. Only being able to scroll up and having to drag the page down manually. It was annoying. Fortunately enough though, I had explained my ordeal to my uncle and he more than happily suggested that he should buy me a new mouse as an early gift. And what kind of nephew would I be to refuse such a grand offer? So to the Apple store we went! And I am now in possession of a Magic Mouse. And guess what guys. It scrolls.