Monday, June 7, 2010

Intelligent Programming? On My Music Television?!

Boy, do I love celebrities. Which is why I get so pumped every time MTV does their annual movie awards. So many awesome celebrities just hanging out and being famous with each other. God, I want that life so bad. Anyways, this year was the funniest, craziest and at the same time stupidest MTV Movie Award that I've seen. We had Aziz Ansari hosting,- which was hilariously awesome- there was a Scott Pilgrim preview- awesomely hilarious- and Katy Perry danced in an outfit that emphasized her breasts- that was just hot. After all the nonsense was over, MTV debuted their new comedy series "The Hard Times of RJ Berger". This was the best part.
This show is pretty awesome. I knew I was gonna love it because the main character is a geek and I love anything where I can personify myself with the main character. RJ Berger is this kid who isn't cool but one day he has to fill in for another kid during a basketball game. His shorts fall, everyone sees he has the biggest penis in the school, hilarity ensues. The vague character description you just read should already be enough to have made your brain poop. What the heck is MTV doing airing a show where the main cast isn't incredibly suntanned, drenched in alcohol and all having sex together? Well, apparently MTV is trying to get it together and rake in a broader audience.

This was becoming aware to me when they were only recently airing this show called "My Life as Liz". It was about a hipster chick who hates popular kids so they hate her back and it's so cool to be different, guys, but it also sucks and nobody gets me why am I so alone?! Ahem. Even though the show had good intentions by trying to bridge gaps between the popular girl and the indie chick by having them realize that they can still be friends, the show was still incredibly hollow, superficial and dumb. At least they were trying. Now we have RJ Berger which isn't shallow!

I think was really makes RJ Berger is the sexual theme that surrounds the show. It's just like a real teenagers life, vulgar as fuck. So now that his secret is out, RJ is on his way of becoming awesome. He shows up his bully and totally flirts with the girl of his dreams. It's pretty rad.

I'm just glad MTV made a funny show about geeks without completely exploiting it for the common stereotype as the channel has a bad wrap for generalizing the crap out of their audience and pretty much just making everyone look bad.

I hope there is more of this to come. Maybe MTV will become a place for all walks of life to come together and celebrate our differences and accept each other. Or the show could get cancelled because Jersey Shore's audience just thought the show was too gay for their taste.

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