Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road trip!

Going off to Orlando with my dad this weekend. Nothing exciting but we get to stay at hotels and I freaking love hotels. I've been feeling a bit inspired lately, maybe Ill finally squeeze out some writing with all the free leisurely time I'll have just chilling in my hotel room.

In other news: I downloaded and beat the Ballad of Gay Tony for PSN. It was fun and GTAIV was one of my favorite games of '08 but it didn't leave me with any strong impressions. Not that was expecting much either.

P.S. This iPad case is great! Now I can take it outside my house!

P.P.S. Oh yeah, I have an iPad. it's awesome.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kick-Ass a.k.a. Story of my life (minus all the awesomeness).

For as long as I could remember all I've ever truly wanted most out of life was to go in some insane and life-endangering adventure. I've always sucked up stories about average or geeky type kids that gets thrown into a crazy situation where they have to buckle up and be a hero. Kick-Ass is the apex of these tales and probably my favorite film of all time ever. Seriously.

Kick-Ass is the story of an ordinary and boring comic-book geek, Dave Lizewski, leading a plain existence. Inspired by the words he has picked up from his precious novels he decides to buy a wetsuit off e-Bay and become a superhero. This is what is so great about Kick-Ass. How many of us just want to go out and there and be something great? If only life could be as simple as making the decision of donning a costume and stopping evil-doers. Kick-Ass makes us believe that such a way of life is possible.

Although, the film is in no way meant to be taken seriously. I really did have to wonder to myself: "How come nobody has ever tried being a superhero?" And it is because people would probably die. But Dave doesn't see that side of the equation. He only sees the side that leads him down a path of what is just. You might think this makes him delusional and he very well could be. If I fantasize on a regular basis of killing dragons and jumping off spires and doing totally awesome flips, does that make me delusional too? No. It makes me-- well yeah, maybe a little bit. The difference is that while I only fantasize, Dave had enough of fantasy and went out to make a difference.
You might think it silly that Kick-Ass instilled such a large sense of inspiration for a comedy-action film but you've gotta hold on to your dreams, right? When I was watching Kick-Ass I felt like Dave was standing up for me. Living out my dreams. Kick-Ass is standing up for everyone out there who has ever wanted and still wants to be a hero! And that is pretty goddamn special.