Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Night

The Academy Awards are on tonight! So many celebrities converged in one place pumps me up for a future in the film industry.

This year I have seen 7 of the 10 films that are nominated for the Best Picture category. I really wish I had seen em all but hey 7 out of 10 is a personal best! I missed out on 127 Hours, The Kids Are All Right and Winter's Bone. I actually just saw The King's Speech last night. I made a promise to myself that I would see it before the show tonight and when I make a promise (to myself) I keep it damn it!

So here are my predictions for tonight's winner:

Actor in a Leading Role- Colin Firth for The King's Speech
Actor in a Supporting Role- Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech
Actress in a Leading Role- Natalie Portman for Black Swan
Actress in a Supporting Role- Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit
Animated Feature Film- Toy Story 3
Art Direction- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Cinematography- Inception
Costume Design- True Grit 
Directing- The Social Network
Documentary (Feature)- Exit Through the Gift Shop
Documentary (Short Subject)- Killing in the Name
Film Editing- Black Swan
Foreign Language Film- Biutiful
Makeup- The Wolfman
Music (Original Score)- The Social Network
Music (Original Song)- Coming Home (from Country Strong)
Best Picture- The King's Speech
Short Film (Animated)- Day & Night
Short Film (Live Action)- God of Love
Sound Editing- Tron: Legacy
Sound Mixing- Inception 
Visual Effects- Inception
Writing (Adapted Screenplay)- The Social Network
Writing (Original Screenplay)- The King's Speech

Man, this is a tough one. So many great films and actors! I hope everybody just starts to hold hands and give an award to everyone in America! Take my predictions on these lightly because I'm pretty much torn on every field.  Now, I know I haven't seen everything that is up for nominations tonight so my opinions may not be 100% accurate and not entirely fair but I've seen a hell of a lot! And it's just fun to guess. So let's see how savvy I am in award predictions.

Congratulations to all the people that worked on these films and thank you for being so incredible!


  1. What did you think of Black Swan? I haven't seen it yet because I don't like the idea of watching Natalie Portman suffer for two hours.

  2. It was really amazing! It's incredibly tense and suspenseful throughout. It throw so many crazy things your away it's a complete ride.

  3. But don't let me overhype it for you.