Saturday, February 19, 2011


Things have gotten better since my last post. The initial shock and sadness has worn down a lot and we have now taken extra security measures to protect our house. I have now replaced my computer so I can get back to my routine activities.

Things have been pretty crazy this past week but I'm gonna get back to posting soon. I've been watching a lot of anime lately.

So if you remember, I recently mentioned a short story that I had to write for my AP English class. Well, here it is. It's called "The Negotiation" and I'm quite proud with how it turned out. Except for the ending. We were supposed to write like 2-3 pages and I was going on 6 so I had to cut it short and I couldn't flesh it out as much as I wanted to. So it may seem a bit more pretentious than how I would've liked. I hope you enjoy it!

Update: I just remembered that there was a consistency error with the 2 times mentioned in the story. The first time is correct. It was late and I didn't notice the mistake. 

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