Friday, February 11, 2011


My house was robbed today.

They completely raided the place. I have no idea how to go about this. We're going to try and recooperate our stuff over the coming weeks.

This is completely fucking devastating. I'm not bothered so much by the fact that our things were taken, which I am still hurt by since I had sentimetnal value in them but they are still just things, but the idea that we could invest so much time and money into acquring these things and someone could just come into the place you feel the safest, your own freaking house, and take it all away from you.

My room and my mom's room was juct completely turned over. To know that someone was in there just pulling shit out of the wall and without regard just tearing through every piece of furniture. It hurts. Every moment since I got home to find it all gone hurts. There is nothing that can be done. This shit happens but you never think it will happen to you.

This is the second time my house is robbed. Last time I was like 12 and I wasn't told about the robbery until like years after. This time they took thousands of dollars in jewelry from my mom and it was just disgusting to see the state that they left her room in. They took my mom and sister's laptops. They took mine and my stepdad's iPads. They took my desktop computer and my game consoles. They took the spare key's to my stepdad's car. They even took the DVR for the cameras. These people knew what they were doing.

When I first got home I was mostly in shock so I didn't really do anything but then I noticed that they took one of my pillow cases to throw stuff into and carry it out and that fucking hit me hard.

Fortunately, due to circumstances with my sister's laptop harddrive she bought an external drive which I then used to back up my harddrive a few weeks ago. Something I never do. So now whenever I get a computer I have all my data.

Things will be back to normal eventually. That much I know but it doesn't change the fact that they took more than just things. They took our things. And no matter what people say, that hurts.

But I'm physically okay. My family is ok and my dogs weren't hurt. So that's good. I'll be fine.


  1. Oh God, that's horrible.
    There is not much that this random-Internet-stranger can say, but I sure wish you and your family the best of luck and I hope you manage to get everything back to normal. :(

  2. Dude, that is fucking awful. I'm so sorry to read this post.

  3. Thanks for the sympathy, guys. And things are much better now.