Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh boy here we go...

Some mornings- or evenings, if that is how you wish to see my ruined sleep cycles- I wake up and something deep inside me knows that something is going down. This morning was one of those mornings. Apple released new products.

Say hello to the Magic Trackpad! It's a big wireless version of the trackpad used on MacBook Pros except now it works on your iMac! My initial reaction was "what?! gimme!" as the Apple sheep inside of me was dying to run to the Apple store and throw bundles of cash at the employees. Then I thought about it and realized I didn't need one as I already had my multi-touch Magic Mouse. In the end both devices serve the same purpose and it really all lands on your preference of navigation.

While the trackpad has some extra fingery flourishes such as 3 and 4 finger strokes to bring up expose or applications and even allows for rotation and dilation of images for photoshopping and the like. That's pretty damn cool but it's not really my sort of thing and there really isn't much else besides that. You may not be all that crazy about using what some would see as a limited means of computing control designed for laptops. But maybe you really like laptops, in which case this is perfect for you. Go nuts.

So maybe I don't need one, but it sure would be neat to use it.

Apple also released a new eco-friendly battery charger to fit their line of wireless AA battery powered products. It even comes with six Apple rechargeable batteries which I can only assume were blessed by Steve Jobs himself. Two for your mouse/trackpad, two for your keyboard and two to keep charged. I know I'm definitely getting this and it's convenient because I've been meaning to get a wireless keyboard for a while now.

Apple also released a new 27" LCD display and more powerful iMac models but I'm certainly not paying for a new Mac. That time won't come again for another decade. But I can wait.

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