Sunday, May 2, 2010

What now?

For the first time in a while I have found myself without any brand-new, hot-off-the-shelf video-game to play through. The sensation is quite relaxing. Now, I can focus on all my scholarly endeavors... or I can just go back and play some older titles. I've also recently taken up the position of Comic reader to complete my trifecta of geekiness. For those unaware, the trifecta consists of a healthy dose of video-games (preferably of the R.P.G./ fantasy genre), hit t.v. shows (again, usually your usual sci-fi stuff) and graphic novels of any variety. Take these 3 bases and toss in some tech-fetishry for good measure and you have got yourself a run-of-the-mill geek. We like to think of ourselves as an advanced form of the classic nerd. So pretty much we don't wet ourselves at the though of social hang-outs and we're also very snappy dressers.

Anyways, I'm rambling. So what game shall I indulge in? Let's see here... ah Uncharted 2! Critically-acclaimed and pretty to boot! So I guess until later this month when Red Dead Redemption and Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out I'll just sit back and do a bit of trophy-huntin' and the-- ah crap, an update.

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