Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Shift in Perspective

A magical thing happened today. I rediscovered a part of myself I didn't know I had lost. Before
this post gets any sappier, let me explain myself.

I'm a big Harry Potter fan. As such, I have made it my sworn duty to attend every Potter event a.s.a.p. amongst my other witch and wizard companions. Lately though- around the time of the release of the fifth film- I hadn't been feeling the wonderful sensation of wishing to be wept away to a world where magic was real and Hogwarts was a place where I can go live out my wildest adventures. I knew this was happening. I simply chalked it up to the process of becoming older and left it at that. Harry Potter was just not something I was pre-occupied with anymore. Sure, I still went to see Half-Blood Prince at midnight but nothing was the same ever since the book series ended. I left the theater feeling empty. Since then, with the last two films approaching and a theme-park very close by my home almost read for public release, I just felt nothing. The adventurous wizard in me that would have wanted nothing more in the whole world than to be Harry Potter was gone. Then something inside me clicked.

I was watching t.v. A commercial came on for Half-Blood Prince where it showed off the major characters in the Great Hall. As I was watching this, I felt a gaping whole inside of me as I came to the sudden realization that I freaking love Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter so much that it pained me that the last experience I had with any sort of media related to it was so negative. The next day I went out and bought the film that I was so reluctant to purchase months before. I watched it. The magic and spirit that had been missing from me came back in such a large rush that I am still recovering from the overwhelming excitement of the theme-park opening next month. I forgot how great it was to be a Harry Potter fan.

Imagination and childhood sense of wonderment are such a vital part of my life that sometimes I just don't know how I get by on a normal lifestyle. We should never forget what it's like to be a little kid discovering different worlds in books, movies, even videogames for the first time. To discover characters that can do things you see in your wildest fantasies. Characters you wish you were. Characters who are your greatest heroes. Harry Potter has been the series that provides this and so much more for so many people. I am so happy to be amongst them.

I once again found myself running around my house pretending to cast spells and just willing to give anything to live in a world where I can live out my wildest fantasies.

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