Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, I was going to write a post about videogames and January and the fun that was sure to await me and I was going to talk about the new Kingdom Hearts game I got for my DS today. But then bad things happened. So this post will go down a much more sullen path.

So for a while now the right shoulder button on my DSi hasn't worked. This is a pretty standard issue for pretty much all generations of this console. I myself experienced on my DS Lite but I can' remember if it fixed itself or not. So anyway, I recently became more involved with my DSi and the games I have yet to finish in anticipation of the 3DS- which I reserved the other day- and in this process the shoulder button was really getting on my nerves. Navigating menus was cumbersome and in some cases crucial functions were but a fleeting dream. So my first thought is to buy some compressed air in hopes that maybe there is just some dirt trapped in the crevices. So today I got some and unfortunately that didn't work. The air just wasn't working it's way in there. So the next idea I had was to use rubbing alcohol. I called my mom in to help me out. So she goes to grab some rubbing alcohol. I will now transcribe the events that unfolded.

Me: Ok, Mom. Use a dripper or something because we only need a few drops in-between the crevice.

My mom cooperates and uses a tiny dripper and we squirt the rubbing alcohol into the side of the shoulder button. It wasn't as precise as I had hoped but some definitely worked it's way in. After cleaning off the rest and clicking the button a couple of times I turn it on and it works! Woohoo!

My mom then proceeds to snatch the system out of my hands and starts to pour rubbing alcohol all over the top and bottom screens.

Me: Mom, stop! You can't put that much you're going to damage it!

My mom had plenty of time to stop but it's like in a bad dream when you're yelling at someone but they can't hear you.

Me: Mom! Stop! Stop! What are you doing?!

My mom has at this point drenched the whole thing in rubbing alcohol and begins to rub it in with paper towels.

I quickly took the DSi away from her and turned it on to made sure it worked. The shoulder button was working. I was happy. I then returned to my private quarters to get back into Kingdom Hearts, this time with a proper handling of the camera system.

No. That is not what happened. That shit backfired. Hard. Now the shoulder button only works when it wants to and when it does the system menu bricks and Kingdom Hearts takes me to the main menu and then I can't go anywhere from there. At first I thought the game was broken and I wanted to die but then I tried 358/2 Days and it doesn't work either so it's just the system because Pokemon works just fine.

This was supposed to be a good day damn it! I am so distressed. Writing about it helps though. I'll just borrow my friends DSi and beat Kingdom Hearts. Yeah. It'll be okay.


  1. Word is DS carts will work in the 3DS (I think)! Things'll be back to good when you upgrade.

  2. Yeah they will but I already borrowed my friend's DSi to ease the pain.