Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild Times (Presented by stock photos.)

My time spent in Nevada/California was pretty wild!

I saw the Blue Man Group! Wildest stage production I've ever seen!

Went to the Hoover dam! Wildest dam I've ever been to! I also crossed the state line so technically I also went to Arizona!

Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and rode X2! Now this was actually pretty goddamn wild. Wildest coaster I've ever been on!
Went to Hollywood and visited the LA Film School to gather my plans for my future as a famous director/screenplay writer/ actor. Wildest film school I've ever been to!

Then in San Diego I went inside two- count 'em, two!- submarines! Wildest submarines I've ever been in.
I also ate at Carls Jrs or however the hell you spell that. The burger was delicious. Then it became less delicious when I saw the health warning sign that said the food at that restaurant contained chemicals that could cause cancer... WILD!


  1. I dunno... sounds pretty tame.

    Scott Pilgrim today! Yayyyyy!

  2. I am going to blog about it later. I wish there was online co-op!!