Monday, April 19, 2010

Kick-Ass a.k.a. Story of my life (minus all the awesomeness).

For as long as I could remember all I've ever truly wanted most out of life was to go in some insane and life-endangering adventure. I've always sucked up stories about average or geeky type kids that gets thrown into a crazy situation where they have to buckle up and be a hero. Kick-Ass is the apex of these tales and probably my favorite film of all time ever. Seriously.

Kick-Ass is the story of an ordinary and boring comic-book geek, Dave Lizewski, leading a plain existence. Inspired by the words he has picked up from his precious novels he decides to buy a wetsuit off e-Bay and become a superhero. This is what is so great about Kick-Ass. How many of us just want to go out and there and be something great? If only life could be as simple as making the decision of donning a costume and stopping evil-doers. Kick-Ass makes us believe that such a way of life is possible.

Although, the film is in no way meant to be taken seriously. I really did have to wonder to myself: "How come nobody has ever tried being a superhero?" And it is because people would probably die. But Dave doesn't see that side of the equation. He only sees the side that leads him down a path of what is just. You might think this makes him delusional and he very well could be. If I fantasize on a regular basis of killing dragons and jumping off spires and doing totally awesome flips, does that make me delusional too? No. It makes me-- well yeah, maybe a little bit. The difference is that while I only fantasize, Dave had enough of fantasy and went out to make a difference.
You might think it silly that Kick-Ass instilled such a large sense of inspiration for a comedy-action film but you've gotta hold on to your dreams, right? When I was watching Kick-Ass I felt like Dave was standing up for me. Living out my dreams. Kick-Ass is standing up for everyone out there who has ever wanted and still wants to be a hero! And that is pretty goddamn special.

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